Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Baseball

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Brand: Diamond


  • PITCHTRACKER BASEBALL: captures motion data in real-time and sends it to the free PitchTracker iOS app via Bluetooth.
  • MEASURE: Seven metics including Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Direction, and more!
  • DOWNLOAD: Dedicated iPhone and iPad apps (Requires iOS 11 or later).
  • BULLPENS: Chart pitches during your bullpen. See and track your consistency of hitting locations with different pitches.
  • SUBSCRIBE: * Purchase of a PitchTracker 'Smart' ball includes a free 14-day Premium PitchTracker subscription.

Part Number: DKPT01

Details: DK ‘Smart’ Baseball, incorporated with the game-changing PitchTracker iOS app, revolutionizes baseball with a comprehensive pitch analysis and charting system available right in the palm of your hand. See in-depth information previously available only with expensive hardware systems. PitchTracker is designed for use in pitching and the metrics important to that motion. Using it in an unintended way (i.e. - collecting data in a non-pitching manner) may affect the accurately of those metrics. PitchTracker Pitching Metrics Release Velocity Release Spin Rate Extension Delivery Time To Plate Reach Back To Release With PitchTracker: Use one 'Smart' ball with unlimited number of players *(requires $9.99/month Premium Pitcher subscription for each player) Interactive Dashboard to show your last session and metric averages and maximums on your primary pitches. Video synced with pitch metrics – see how arm and body motion affects pitch metrics. Manage players and teams through the Groups and Connections features Set-up custom Bullpens designed specifically for you or your players. Focus on improving metrics and command. View complete pitch history and trends. See past sessions as well as upcoming Bullpens. Have customer support via live, in-app chat 7 days/week, 12 hours/day

EAN: 0866346000032

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches