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Smart Tennis Racket Sensor Tracker Motion Analyzer Bluetooth 4.0 for Android IOS




  • Data Monitoring: Accurately track speed, strength, angle, and other data, intelligent identify types of action, through data nalysis, quickly master operating essentials.
  • Motion Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of explosive power to help you better mastery of the skill of playing tennis.
  • Sports Statistics: Analysis of the motion data index, restore the real movement to help you get a balanced development.
  • Health Management: Set up a exercise targets, and put forward reasonable suggestions and data analysis.
  • Competitive and Make Friends: Strength rankings winners and losers are wonderful Referring power rankings to find the same strength of opponents, more help ascension, rich your social communication experience.
  • Wireless Sync Real-time Recording: Real-time racking of your dynamic trajectory, hitting collect data.
  • Getting Tutor: Adjustment skills of sport, better guide for beginners, standardize basic motor skills.
  • Rapid Escalation Tennis Promoter: By understanding the characteristics of the individual shots, offensive strategy and physical condition, quickly adjust sparring skill, let sports more exciting and more technical.
  • Master Fighting: Analysis the professional players and yourself hitting data, let you know your own space of improvement and challenges.
  • Fast Charging: Using USB cable socket charging, whether laptop, desktop, or wall outlet, as long as there are USB jack, can fast charge at any time.
  • Operating System: Support for Android 4.3 and for IOS 7 or above.
  • Wireless Transmission: Bluetooth 4.0, low power communication technology.



Type:Smart Tenncis Sensor

Material:Low sensitive silicone,PC polymer


Communication:Bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption communication technology

Power Supply:Micro-USB

Storage:10,0000 times of hitting

Battery Usage:90min charging for 6 hours use

Service Temperature:-5°-50°

Charging Temperature:0°-40°

Dimension:30*10mm(Diameter * Thickness)

Packing size:160*90*45mm

N/T:6g G/T: 176g


Packing List:
1* Smart Tennis Racket Sensor Tracker(
Included pack)