SiQ Limited Edition Smart Outdoor Basketball - Automated Shot Tracking - Improve Your Game! Connects to SiQ Basketball App - Automatically Analyzes Shot Distance, Misses, and More! (6 (28.5"))

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Brand: SiQ


  • Heat Mapping & Shot Distance: Our patented technology is hidden inside the basketball, not affecting the weight or flight of the ball ever. See how you shoot from all parts of the court with our heat mapping technology, as well as track and manage your shot distance.
  • Features You Want: Your Smart Basketball offers features unlike any other basketball on the market. Monitor your shot quickness (how quickly you get your shots off), see how you shoot from all areas of the court with the Heat Map, record your shots off the dribble, a pass or relaxed, like a free throw. You can track your range and push your shot distance further, improve your ball spin rate to get the perfect rotation, and maintain the right shooting arc for the right release angle.
  • Shooter Identification: Our smart basketball knows the difference between you and your teammate’s shots. As basketball is a “shooters” game, you can see how you rank against your teammates, friends, etc. You can additionally analyze your mechanics and track your shooting motion through our technological consistency
  • FIBA Approved: Professional basketball players and international legends are fans of SportIQ Smart Basketballs. Not only are we personally used by pro basketball athlete Duncan Robinson, but we are internationally recognized and approved by FIBA. You can enjoy pro status with your home hoop or bring your ball to your team sport practice.
  • How The App Works: You have the ball, now what do you do next? Download the SportIQ App from your favorite app store directly to your smartphone. We offer two membership options that give you unlimited data collection. With our SIQ Shooter Pro monthly subscription, after 12 paid months we will send you a new ball (must take a minimum 3,000 shots in 6 months during the last 12 month period… imagine how much your game will improve after 3,000 shots!).

Details: Want to shoot like a pro? Play like a pro? Then you'll need to train like a pro! SportIQ Smart Basketball is a revolutionary upgrade to the standard basketball. With your SIQ Basketball, you can profile your shooting! Automatically identify makes, misses and swishes Track everything including shot distance, heat map, consistency, shot situation (lay ups, relaxed, dribble and off the pass shots) Monitor your quickness, release angle, spin rate, tilt angle of spin axis, shooter identification, and more! SIQ Smart Basketball works with any outdoor hoop. It’s made with YOU in mind- coming in two game ball sizes to better fit your gaming style. Choose from standard NBA, College, & International ball size 7 (29.5”) or you can choose WNBA, High School, & Youth size 6 (28.5”). Your basketball will connect directly to your SIQ App; which can be found in your favorite app store! Works with Android & Iphones. Have access to professional tips & tricks while working directly with your virtual coach! Playing with more than one ball in your household? No problem! The SIQ is equipped to support multi-ball tracking!

EAN: 6429810089052