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Move It Swift: Smart Boxing Gloves


Your Personal Smart Boxing Coach

The Move It Swift Smart Boxing Gloves with 6-axis motion sensor and patented algorithms track your every motion and tell your performance with unique lighting effects, all in real time. You can enjoy online programs and professional instructions and review your workout summaries on the App.

With patented tracking algorithms, the App will show your punching data in real time such as force/speed/calories. It will learn your punching style, which means the more you use it, the more precise the algotithms can be.

The gloves come equipped with interactive lighting effects that can respond to your workout intensity, helping you understand your workout progress at a glance. Dynamic changing lights make your punches look distinctive and unique!

With high precision of 6-axis gyroscopic motion sensors, the Move It Swift can accurately track your movements and tell if you’re delivering straights, hooks or uppercuts, even if you’re chaining them together.

Its patented algorithms will optimize to your training style. This can help you scientifically assess your own workouts, so you can avoid injury and maximize your efficiency, speed and power.

The detachable sensor can be charged separately. Fully charging within 40 minutes, it can last 5 days with 30-minute daily using or a month for standby. You don’t need to worry about your gear but just focus on what really matters - bringing all you have to every punch.

Summaries are synched to your mobile device so you can look back and measure your progress over time.

Your time is valuable, so Move It Swift can help you adjust your personal training plan according to your training data, and help you train smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

There are optional courses in the Move It Swift App, from beginner to master. Whether you’re a novice looking to improve your fundamentals, or a skilled professional looking to move in one step further, you can always find a tailored course that suit your level of fitness on Move It Swift App.

With our partnered professional coach, you will feel the same exercise-induced effects as on a gym atmosphere. You are not only provided effective programs, but also be encouraged to regularly workout at home.

Your workouts will be scored based on the training data. And TOP 100 of the month will be displayed on 3 ranking boards: Punch Count, Average Speed and Average Force.

Made of durable materials with special, ergonomic design, the gloves are perfect for long-term, heavy-duty use, without wearing out.

In addition, the Move It Swift gloves use high density foam padding and full-length cuffs for shock absorption and wrist protection. And the mesh fabric lining design is made for better breathable experience.

We are here to help you choose the correct OZ for your boxing gloves. Regardless if you are searching for an all-round boxing glove or specific sparring gloves, we will help you find the correct size to choose when buying boxing gloves.

Used for heavy sparring. If you hit hard, have big hands or weighs over 80 kg, these gloves are essential in protecting your partner’s safety. They are bigger and safer because they have a wider area with more padding. You should definitely use these gloves when you are sparring, but they will also work great for pads. (Over 175 lbs / 80 kg)