7 in 1 Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine Multifunctional Face Cleaning Hydro Water Oxygen Jet Peel Machine Skin Management System Smart Ice Blue Facial Machine

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  • ✅ New improved intelligent ice blue s-k-i-n management system
  • ✅ AI intelligent measurement, push of intelligent products, customization of AI scheme
  • ✅ Multi-function integration, including detection, custom program, cleaning, nourishing and so on
  • ✅ Simple operation, intelligent analysis, no broken, strong safety, high efficiency than other machines
  • ✅ 2-5 days fast shipped from US local warehouse, if any questions please feel free to let us know

Colilove New Improved Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine 7 in 1 helps you make life more easier and enjoyable.
▶Item Features
🌷The intelligent ice blue s-k-i-n management system.
🌷AI intelligent s-k-i-n measurement.
🌷Combined with six functions.
▶Item Specifications
Item Type: 7 in 1 Hydrogen Oxygen Facial Machine
Range: 700 mmHg
Color: White
Working Heads: 7 in 1
Output control: Touch screen & handle switch
Interface: 10.1 inch computer touch screen
Input voltage: 110-240 V 50-60HZ 150AV
▶Package Includes
1 x Smart Ice Blue Host
1 x power cord
7 x Working Handles
✉ Any questions, we are all here in 24 hours for your service.