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SKRATCH LABS Sport Energy Chews, Sour Cherry with Caffeine (10 Pack) - Developed for Athletes and Sports Performance, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan

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  • DEVELOPED FOR ATHLETES: For when you’re working hard and you need a steady source of carbohydrates that won’t upset your stomach or gut. Fuel for cycling, runners, triathlons, hiking, endurance, workouts, and more.
  • EAT WHEN HUNGRY: Use 1-2 servings per hour of exercise or as needed. 80 calories and 20g of carbohydrates per serving, with both glucose and fructose to speed the absorption of energy in your body.
  • SOUR CHERRY: Real food, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan. We use real cherries for flavor and a light dusting of granulated sugar and sour powder for function and taste.
  • ADDED CAFFEINE: Adds 50mg of caffeine per pack from green tea for some extra boost and focus. They’re like cherries in sport mode. A unique drop shape allows these chews to go down easy and break down with a consistent and steady stream of energy. A great alternative to sweet and gooey gels that dissolve faster than the gut can absorb.
  • SKRATCH LABS: We use real food to create the sports nutrition your body actually needs. We weeded out all the excess ingredients like wax, coloring agents, preservatives, and mystery flavors. Our products will help you perform better, guaranteed.