True Spin Basketball Ball for Shot Control & Spin Training - Outdoor / Indoor Premium Composite Leather - Regulation Size 7, 29.5"

  • Practice Your Spin - The unique design of this men's basketball gives you instant feedback on your end-over-end rotation. The dividing line allows you to clearly see how the ball spins while it's in the air.
  • Perfect Your Shooter's Touch - The split color design takes out the guesswork in finding the middle of the ball. One look and you'll immediately see whether your fingers are placed correctly.
  • High-Performance Composite Leather - Made using premium composite material that's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Shipped Fully Inflated - This multi-color basketball is shipped fully inflated so you can start playing right away.
  • A Gift For Your Favorite Baller - This dual-color training ball is a practical and useful gift for anyone looking to improve their basketball game. It's a great birthday or holiday present.

Need help perfecting your shooting skills? One of the factors that heavily affect the success of every shot is ball rotation. It doesn't just influence the ball's flight, but it also softens the bounce of shots that don't go perfectly into the basket and increases their chances of dropping through. This is why it's important to practice and improve your ball rotation or backspin. However, this is something that's easier said than done, especially if you are using an ordinary basketball. So, is there a different equipment you can use? This Dual-Color Basketball from True Spin lets you quickly and easily assess your performance. It's pretty hard to see whether the ball is spinning straight or not with an ordinary basketball. Even looking at the ribs rarely helps. But with this dual-color ball, you get increased visibility into the spin of every shot. The color divide goes around the ball in a straight line. Just looking at the ball as it flies in the air will automatically let you know if it's spinning the way you want it to. Poor hand placement can cause you to miss your shots. It can send the ball flying everywhere except where you want it to go. This basketball's unique design can help fix that, allowing you to easily find the middle of the ball so you can position your hands and fingers for optimal control. Because of its superb functionality and durability, this basketball is a great addition to any training school or gym. Even kids and teenagers will find this extremely useful in helping them develop good shooting habits early on. Here are more details about this unique basketball: - Shipped inflated - Grippy surface