Hand Massager for Arthritis, Deep Tissue Massager for Carpal Tunnel Relief - Forearm Massager for Hand Therapy with Trigger Point Foam Roller - Finger Massager and Wrist Roller - Arm Massager by

  • Easy To Use. Costs Less Than One Massage.
  • Use For Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, Foot Pain.
  • Effectively relieves wrist and hand pain by relaxing the muscles..
  • Effectively relieves wrist and hand pain by relaxing the muscles.
  • No Electricity, Batteries Needed. Feels Great, Enjoyable To Use. Portable, Lightweight. Designed In The USA.

Product Description

Massager For Pain Relief

Roleo helps target trigger points in the forearm, hand, wrist and fingers to help relieve myofascial pain syndrome and other pain in these areas.

Don't Let Pain Effect Your Life

Roleo forearm and arm massager massage tired and painful fingers, hands, and wrists effectively so that you won’t feel sore after a day-long of typing, working in front of a computer, or other activities that cause repetitive strain injuries on your hands.

Cut Back On Expenses

For people whose jobs require overuse of wrist and forearm muscles, getting a daily massage would seem as a luxury to release tension and relieve pain. Roleo acts as a massage tool that stimulates muscles and improves muscle healing without breaking the bank.

No Grip Design

Roleo has a single hand operation design. Hold at the top and push / pull your arm and hand through the rollers.