About Us

Biometric Sports Solutions is one of the leading sellers of A.I. Sports Precision Motion Sensors. Sports precision motion sensors amplify your action sports experience with action replay.

Based in Phoenix, AZ, the founders of BSS bring to the masses the newest and latest technology that will help you get the edge over your competition.

With Biometric technology and sensors, you can now capture movement metrics like acceleration, height, rotation and hang time.As an example, the Precision Swing sensor for baseball or softball will accurately pick the swing speed, direction, power, time to contact and more.

These motion sensors use a particular smart video capture algorithm that automatically identifies actions in HD footage.Baseball in which softball and Golf are also covered. Kit often include a bat attachment to place on a bat or racket (for tennis) to place on the knob. Some kits that used for Basketball and athletic performance contains wearable clips with embedded sensors. 

We hope to bring you better performance technology.