Tanner TEE the Original Premium Pro-Style Baseball/Softball Batting Tee with Tanner Original Base, Patented Hand-Rolled Flextop, Adjustable Height: 26 to 43 Inches

Style Name
  • The ORIGINAL pro-style Tanner Tee. TRUSTED by more travel ball, youth, college and professional players than any other batting tee.
  • FLEXIBLE CONE FOR BETTER CONTACT Rubber Flextop ball rest is hand rolled in Sarasota, FL and ensures ball stability without interfering with your swing. You feel the ball, not the tee at contact.
  • PREMIUM STEEL SHAFT, flexible rolled rubber cone and composite base deliver maximum performance and durability with heavy use.
  • ONE HAND HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Quickly adjust height from 26-43” with one hand. Unscrew stem from base to fit in most bat bags.
  • MIDWEIGHT BASE provides ample stability at bat without sacrificing protability or swing feedback when the hitter strikes the cone vs the ball.

From the manufacturer

Height Adjustment 18-25" 26-43" 20-32" 26-43" 26-43"
One Hand Adjustable
Hand-Rolled Flextop
Replacement Parts
Commercial Grade
Weighted Base
Designed for Uneven Surfaces
Total Weight 5.8 lbs 6 lbs 6 lbs 13 lbs 8.2 lbs
Base Description Strong, stable,flexible rubber Lightweight, flat square made of composite material Lightweight, flat square made of composite material Tripod "Claw", metal with rubber overmold Composite home plate style base
Age: Youth /Adult Tee Ball Adult Youth Adult Youth & Adult