+ Golf Simulator Studio Pro Package - + Launch Monitor, Protective Shield, Enclosure, Simulator Software, Hitting Mat, Projector and Ball Tray

  • Turnkey Size Options: Only requires a 10 foot wide room with 8 foot 6 inch high ceilings.
  • High Impact Screen: Built to withstand relentless golf shots, ensuring an amazing visual experience that mirrors the real deal.
  • Easy Assemble Frame: Our easy-to-follow assembly instructions will help you transform a steel frame into a sturdy enclosure hassle-free.
  • Durable Hitting Mats: Includes 5x5 hitting mat and custom-sized putting turf, promising durability and performance.
  • Includes Skytrak+ Launch Monitor, Shield, Enclosure, Plans & Software, Hitting Mat, Projector, and Ball Tray!

Product Description

SkyTrak+ Play Now Golf Simulator Studio Packages

Imagine your very own golf simulator studio in the comfort of your home, basement, or garage. SkyTrak bundle packages make it a reality. These all-in-one solutions will help make the indoor golf studio of your dreams come to life. Starting with a SkyTrak launch monitor, these bundles include hitting mats, nets, impact screens, projectors, and more! Surround yourself in your very own immersive golf studio and elevate your golf simulation experience with SkyTrak!

Studio Packages Include:

SkyTrak+ and Shield

The ultimate launch monitor and protective shield.


SkyTrak Play Now Golf Sim Studio Enclosure with side netting.

Plans and Software

SkyTrak Play and Improve Plan featuring E6 Connect and WGT by TopGolf.


SkyTrak 5'x5' Hitting Mat and custom-sized putting turf.


Optoma GT1080 HDR Projector (DLP) and enclosure mount.

Ball Tray

Ball Wing Molded Rubber Ball Tray

Sizing Options

Studio 10'

Width: 10ft

Height: 8ft 6in

Depth: 5ft 4in

Studio 12'

Width: 12ft

Height: 8ft 6in

Depth: 5ft 4in

Studio 13'

Width: 13ft

Height: 10ft

Depth: 5ft 4in

Studio 13' Deep

Width: 13ft

Height: 10ft

Depth: 10ft


SkyTrak+ is an affordable, all-in-one practice, play and game improvement system.


SkyTrak+ features the most popular and immersive simulation options on the market –delivering an ultra-realistic and customizable practice and play experience.


Take on your friends or beat your personal best with a variety of course play options, and fun skill building challenges and games.