Ptsmart Tech-Savvy Tennis Training Machine: High-Speed Ball Delivery, Professional Grade, Easy Setup, Great for Advanced Players

  • 📱 Smartphone-Controlled Versatility: Easily adjust speed (up to 120km/h), spin, and frequency with our user-friendly app. The perfect tennis machine ball thrower for customized training.
  • 🎾 Multi-Mode Training Innovations: Can hold up to 100 tennis practice balls with 20 intelligent landing spots, making PTsmart more than a simple tennis ball feeder; it's an all-encompassing training device for every skill level.
  • 🔑 Customizable Modes at Your Fingertips: Select from 12 pre-set modes or create your own with this tennis ball launcher machine – tailored for both tennis enthusiasts and professionals.
  • 🔋 Portable High-Capacity Machine: With a substantial imported lithium battery, enjoy 4-6 hours of play, making the PTsmart a portable tennis ball machine ideal for diverse training settings.
  • 🌐 Precision Training with Adjustable Angles: Features adjustable vertical and horizontal angles, providing an effective training session for all, from beginners to pros looking for a tennis ball machine for practice.
  • 🌪 Advanced Random Ball Simulation: The tennis ball shooter simulates real-match scenarios, enhancing reaction speed and strategic adaptability, crucial for any tennis training regimen.
  • 💼 Robust and Mobile: Built with a unique mud-protection design and suitcase-style mobility, the PTsmart is a robust portable tennis ball machine, convenient for players of all ages and skill levels, including children and women.
  • ⭕️【Optimized for Standard Tennis Balls】: This model is specifically engineered for training with standard tennis balls only. Please refrain from using it for other purposes. Insertion of non-tennis balls or irregular objects into the machine is strictly prohibited to ensure safety and maintain functionality.⭕️

The PT*Smart tennis ball machine🎾, featuring advanced technology including smart APP control, meets the needs for personal, instructional, and professional training. Designed to provide the best training experience for tennis enthusiasts and professionals at all levels, it supports various practices, from basic training to advanced skill challenges.
🌟【PTsmart Mobile-Operated Tennis Trainer】: Elevate your tennis game with the PTsmart, a high-quality tennis ball training machine with app control. This advanced tennis ball training automatic pitching machine is perfect for players seeking sophisticated, tech-driven training. 🎾
📱【Smart Customization】: With app-based control, PTsmart acts as an intelligent tennis ball machine for training, offering personalized sessions. Adjust settings for speed, frequency, and trajectory to tailor your practice, making it an ideal Tennis and Padel ball practice machine for adult men and beginners. 🔄
🔋【High-Capacity Endurance】: Boasting a big capacity tennis training machine design, the PTsmart can hold 100 tennis balls, ensuring extended practice sessions. Its long-lasting lithium battery supports lengthy, uninterrupted training, perfect for intensive coaching and training environments. 🕒
💪【Versatile Training Modes】: PTsmart, a tennis ball machine trainer for tennis Tennis and Padel ball training, features diverse modes including fixed-point shots and oscillations. This tennis ball machine tennis training equipment is designed to meet the needs of both solo tennis training trainers and group settings. 🏆
🚀【Portable and Robust】: As a portable tennis and Padel training partner, the PTsmart is easy to transport and store. Its compact design makes it a suitable single tennis training equipment for both indoor and outdoor use, ideal for tennis clubs and home training. 🛒
🤝【Professional-Level Training】: This tennis ball shooting machine training launcher is a tennis training robot, offering a range of pre-set and customizable modes. It's perfect for players and coaches looking for a tennis ball launcher machine machine for training practice. 🎓
💡【Innovative Design】: The PTsmart is more than a basic exerciser tennis training tool; it's a comprehensive training system that combines high-quality training tennis ball technology with user-friendly features, making it an essential piece of tennis ball training equipment. 🌱
Key Functionalities:
🎯 Fixed Point Ball: For precision practice with tennis training balls.
↔️ Horizontal Swing Ball: For agility and side-to-side movement, mimicking real tennis scenarios.
↕️ Vertical Swing Ball: For mastering response to different depths, essential for tennis training equipment.
📏 Deep and Shallow Ball: For working on varied landing shots, ideal with practice tennis balls.
With PTsmart, enhance every aspect of your game – from powerful smashes to deft volleys – with advanced functionalities like topspin and backspin settings. This spinshot tennis ball machine is more than just a tool; it's an innovative system designed for the ultimate training experience.
In summary, the PTsmart Mobile-Operated Tennis Trainer is a versatile and innovative solution, perfect for players and coaches seeking a professional training experience. With its smart features, robust design, and user-friendly interface, it stands as an essential tool for advancing tennis skills. 🌟🎾
Usage Instructions
1.📦【Setup】: Carefully remove the machine and power supply from the packaging. Connect the battery to the machine using the provided cable.
2.🔌【Power On】: Press the switch button located on the back of the machine. Scan the QR code on the machine's nameplate with your smartphone to download the app.
3.📱 【App Connection】: Open the app and follow the prompts to connect to the machine. Once connected, you're ready to control the machine through the app.
*Safety Precautions*
⚠️*Safety First*⚠️: Never stand in front of the machine to block balls. If a ball gets stuck, turn off the power before approaching the machine.
🚫*No Unauthorized Tampering*🚫: Do not attempt to disassemble the machine, especially the battery.
☔*Weather and Stability*🧱: Avoid using the machine in rainy conditions or on unstable surfaces.
👶*Child Safety*👶: Keep the machine out of reach of children to prevent accidents.
PT-9001 and PT-Smatr is only suitable for tennis and Padel, non-standard balls and other balls are strictly prohibited
*We offer a robust warranty and after-sales service*
🛡️ Main unit covered for three years, battery for one year. For any issues, contact us for swift troubleshooting and repairs. 🔄 If parts need replacing, we'll ship them free within 3 days.