Baseball Rebounders + Pitchback Nest - Pitch Return Trainer + Rebound Net with Attachable Pitching Target- All Angle Fielding Rebound Net for Grounders + Pop Flies

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  • ALL-WEATHER NET: Neither spring rains nor summer heat will shred or tear the durable all-weather netting of this baseball trainer. Practice return baseball skills with ease and greater accuracy with a pitchback net that lasts
  • UNIQUE CURVED DESIGN: Help your child practice field techniques without needing someone else to hit pop-ups or grounders. Help kids learn proper fielding quickly while giving them the freedom to spend hours outside with this baseball trainer
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLES: The curved, adjustable legs allow for maximum return angles for improved practice and field performance. Why invest hundreds in a pitching machine when you can get more value with the Franklin return trainer
  • DURABLE STEEL FRAME: Although this baseball training net is designed for all types of weather, you can fold up the durable steel frame for easy storage when not in use. Enjoy years of reliable practice with this pitching net
  • PRACTICE FIELDING TECHNIQUES: Kids and adults alike will enjoy using this sturdy, solid, and reliable flyback net. In addition to its steel frame, it also comes with stakes for greater stability, throw after throw

Perfect for fielding practice, this baseball training net allows kids and adults to tackle challenging pop flies, ground balls, and everything in between at all the right angles. From practicing baseball to softball, no other baseball trainer offers such a reliable pitching net and steel frame for the highest dependability and rugged use, day after day.
Now, kids can practice with a baseball pitch return that allows them to independently hone their skills. This all-weather baseball rebounder net offers more effective field training than a pitching machine, while still allowing for consistent practice and improvement. Available in two sizes, 68 x 48 and 68 x 44, this baseball return trainer can easily fit in a backyard, on a patio, or in any open space.
Improve catching skills with a baseball throw net that allows for pitch-back practice. Don’t waste time with an inferior baseball training net that warps or tears. See why the Franklin return trainer offers the best value and highest quality!