Handheld ECG Heart Monitor for Wireless Heart Performance for ios Android

SNAP U08 ECG is used in measure the heart’s electrical conduction system,
recording the electrical activity of the heart. Portable and easy to operate,
predict sudden risks and provide heart health management daily inspection, waveform changes. An health keeper in palm.
Enable to recording when you have symptoms or prevent sudden risks, can be used in daily life, respond analysed data through App.
The innovative design of removing the lead wire, eliminates the trouble of stripping, convenient to use.
Put your fingers on the device and you can begin to detect the electrocardiogram and capture abnormal signals in time.
Tracking your condition anywhere, anytime, follow up the therapy effect.
Seven core technologies: real-time analysis, online consulting, synchronous display, no need for consumable, portable,
doctor read the picture, Cloud backup. let the heart disease no where to hide.
Service life: 5 years
Support: iOS, Android 4.0
Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Storage temperature: -20℃~+50℃≤85%RH(No condensation)
Precision:±1bpm/±1%,Whichever is bigger
Sensitivity (gain):5mm/mV(X0.5)、10mm/mV(X1)、20mm/mV(X2)、Error range±10%
Scanning speed:12.5/25/50mm/s(Error range±10%)
Package Contain
1 * Direct-type ECG Recorder
1 * User manual
1 * Warranty card
10 pc *Electrodes Pad