GPS Athletics Soft Baseballs – Set of 6 Practice Baseballs for Kids – Coach Pitch Baseballs – Soft Baseballs for Kids– Suitable for Beginners – Low Impact Baseballs – 6 Pcs per Pack

  • SAFE FOR KIDS: We created these soft baseballs to increase the confidence of developing ballplayers! These practice baseballs have a soft core that can reduce the impact and help your athlete build confidence.
  • REDUCED IMPACT: These practice baseballs are perfect for kids because they have a soft cushioned construction, that reduces the risk of injury. Our goal is to help developing athletes lose the fear of getting hit by a hard baseball.
  • EFFECTIVE PRACTICE: Our soft baseballs were created for beginners, meaning little kids who dream to become baseball stars. The baseballs have a similar design to real baseballs, including size, feel, and weight.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: We made these practice baseballs to last. The material is durable and resistant, and includes raised seams just like baseballs. These soft baseballs will pass the test of time and are designed for throwing, fielding, and hitting.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Our box includes a set of 6 soft baseballs. The standard circumference of the ball is 9-inch, the same size as a real baseball. With this 6-piece box, you will always have a ball at hand so you can perform effective training.

When it comes to our customer satisfaction and happiness, there is no room for compromise. That is why we rely on top-quality materials and new manufacturing techniques that allow us to develop new products loved by parents and kids all over the world. If for some reason you’re not entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer care department has got you covered!


Why is this product for you?


Our premium baseball set is a must-have accessory for the little baseball enthusiasts that desire to become baseball stars! This amazing ball is perfect for training kids, as it has a soft cushioned material inside, which reduces the impact of the ball. In this way, your little athlete will lose fear for the ball and start building confidence in himself. We made these amazing baseballs last, from durable material, carefully stitched together to help to transform your kid in a baseball star.


Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Premium baseballs;
  • Soft cushioned filling;
  • Safe for kids;
  • Reduced impact;
  • Reduced injury risk;
  • Helps to lose the fear for injuries and builds confidence;
  • Perfect for beginners;
  • Flexible core;
  • Raised seams;
  • Made to last;
  • Same size and design as a real baseball;
  • Ensures effective training;
  • 6 pieces per box;
  • Circumference: 9-inch;

Train effectively with our soft baseball!