Playfinity Gaming Baseball - Gift of the Year - Gamified Baseball - Improve Skills While Having Fun - Beat Your Score, Track Progress - Free Mobile App 6+ Games with Speed Detection

  • This is the fun way to be active and build skills. If you like gaming and baseball, you will love this!
  • Train with Backyard League games – each one targets a core baseball skill. Beat your top score, or challenge friends worldwide, and move up the ranks on the leaderboard.
  • Feels just like an official baseball, measuring 9 inches and weighing 5 ounces. If desired, add more weight with the included adjustable weight tuners.
  • Battery included - Long battery life, up to 70 hours or 40,000 throws.
  • Designed for players 6-14 and anyone who want to have fun playing ball!Safe for children - free mobile app, no personal data collected, no subscriptions, no ads, no in-app purchases.

Product Description

New game out now - Speed test!

With Coach’s Speed Test, we are introducing the most fun way to test your pitching arm with the coach announcing your live speed updates. Setup is a breeze, throw to a catcher or a net and choose the distance that fits your level, 38, 46 or 60,6 feet, Track you speed and progress over time

Compete your way

Challenge your own score, friend, family or match up with other players in league games. Climb throw ranks and receive achievement medals and badges.

Active Gaming

Choose from a variety of games, all with real time audio feedback and coach's commentary. Like an arcade game outside in your garden.

Outdoor Family Fun

Like an arcade game outside. The Gaming Baseball brings play and laughter to your backyard. Fun and engaging for the whole family.

Great Through Play

The best way to build skills is through play. Build confidence in throwing, catching, ground and fly balls, precision, consistency one game at a time

Play ball, build skills

Connect with friends and family, or other players all around the world

Durable technology made for tough play