Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device Package for Your Instant Custom Temporary Tattoos with Premium Cosmetic Full Color + Black Ink - Compatible W/Ios & Android Devices

Prinker S With Color+Black Ink
  • CUSTOM TEMPORARY TATTOOS: Get creative with Prinker’s temporary tattoo machine. Choose from over 12,000+ temporary tattoo designs from our free mobile app, or design your own. Each Prinker ink cartridge applies about 1,000 tattoos. Max. tattoo size: 0.866 inches x 39 inches (W x L).
  • INSTANT TEMPORARY TATTOOS IN ONLY 3 SECONDS: Express yourself with black temporary tattoos. Upload any design and use the Prinker to glide it on skin in only 3 seconds. Try a custom instant tattoo with old-school phrases, minimal shapes, or bold designs. DIY pieces that speak your mind.
  • 100% NON-TOXIC & WATER-RESISTANT: Wear our water-resistant temporary tattoos all day long. Our cosmetic ink temporary tattoos use FDA VCRP-registered, cruelty-free cosmetic ink. Each tattoo lasts up to 2 days and washes off with water and soap. Use our Skin Primer before and after application to secure ink and help your tattoo last longer.
  • ORDER INCLUDES: 1 Prinker instant tattoo printer, 1 battery, 1 Black Left Ink Cartridge, 10.1 oz of Skin Primer (enough for about 1,000 tattoos), and 1 charging cable. Prinker S with Premium Black Ink allows you to only apply tattoos in pure black or grayscale. Prinker isn't suitable for printing on other surfaces, applying real tattoos, or for realistic graphics.
  • FOR ANY OCCASION OR EVERYDAY FUN: For all ages, including children and adults. Great for parties, events, festivals, DIY activities, body art, cosplay, etc. Or, school events that allow black temporary tattoos. Also perfect for marketing activations to help your brand stand out.
  • MADE IN SOUTH KOREA: Our high-quality beauty device and certified cosmetic inks are 100% manufactured in South Korea.

Product Description

This is Not a Printer. It's Prinker!

Thinking about getting a tattoo but worried about making a life-long decision? Love changing your look on the fly? Scared of commitment?

That’s why, Prinker S instant temporary tattoo printer with its cosmetic grade, cruelty-free inks are the perfect solution for you.

Show off your unique style with designs that can be printed directly on your body at any time. Prinker products are fully portable and promise to bring the excitement to social gatherings, parties, corporate events and more.

What's in the Box

  • 1 Prinker device with docking station
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Black Left Ink Cartridge
  • 1 CM Left Cartridge
  • 1 Y Right Ink Cartridge
  • 300 ml Skin Primer
  • Charging cable

Prinker S Black Only Cartridge vs Prinker S Black & Color Ink Cartridge

How It All Works?

Prinker is super simple. Start by syncing your smartphone to our Prinker App and then choose from more than 12,000 of available designs, upload your own design or draw something entirely from scratch. From there, prime the skin and rub the device across the area that you want the design to be printed, to bring your instant tattoo to life. Rest assured that we only use cosmetic grade ink so it is safe on skin.

Your instant tattoo will last between one to three days and can easily be removed with water and a bit of soap at any time, should something else grab your interest. All prints are water-resistant which means that you won’t have to think twice about hitting the beach or swimming laps at the pool. In fact, these are some of the best places to show off your new look.

Make It Your Own with the Prinker Platform

Prinker tattoo maker app makes it easy to find and apply your very own temporary tattoos. Either pick one from our +12,000 tattoo design collection of Prinker Content, or dive in and design your own DIY* temporary tattoos. Whatever your style, you can find a design for you.

*Prinker is a membership-based service. Membership with Prinker comes in three tiers:

  • B-Back Plan (a great starter kit & its free) allows you to prink+12,000 designs and upload up to 20 designs per month.
  • Tenderfoot Plan(4.9 USD / month ) gives you everything you need to create countless custom temporary tattoos for you and those around you and organize your favorite designs into lists.
  • Showcase Plan (9.9 USD / month) is perfect if you're going on your branding mission for your business. Thanks to the ability to share your creations across up to 5 devices and offline access to your favorite designs.

Henna Alternative for the 21st Century!

Cosmetic Grade Ink

Prinker uses ink made only from FDA VCRP-registered cosmetic ingredients. So, Prinker tattoos are just like makeup!

Water-resistant but Soap washable

Prinker tattoos are soap-washable but water-resistant and last… until you take a shower.

Up to 1000 times

Each Prinker S comes with one black ink cartridge that’s enough for about 1,000 tattoos.