Scalp Health Detector, Skin Scalp Analyzer, IFI 100X with 1MP Intelligent Dermal Detector Smart Skin Analyzer Hair Analysis Detection Beauty Digital Scalp Hair Microscope

  • 【Live Image】The image is more vivid. Skin Hair Detector At the same time, the professional skin and hair detection software can compare and analyze the image more scientifically, zoom in and out, more intuitive and clear, giving us more time and precision
  • 【Observation and Detection】Skin Hair Detector It can observe, detect and record the health status and images of hair and hair roots. It has its own light source and light detection to make skin detection clearer and help consumers understand the health of their scalp, hair and hair follicles
  • 【Scalp Condition】Skin Diagnostic Hair Analyzer Learn about scalp cleanliness, skin texture, wrinkles, oily and dry skin, sensitivity, blackheads, acne, hyperpigmentation, scalp erythema, oil secretion
  • 【Test Software】Skin and Hair Detector is an instrument for testing hair. With the skin and hair analyzer, you can understand scalp cleanliness, skin texture, wrinkles, oily and dry skin, and accurately analyze skin and hair quality
  • 【Multipurpose】Hair conditions such as clogged pores, oily and dry hair, , , gray hair, damaged hair, etc. When the human eye wants to see the indistinct or invisible tiny condition of skin, hair and hair follicles. , the instrument's magnifying function helps them form on the computer screen

Item Type: Scalp Detector
Material: ABS Sensor: 1/4 inch CMOS 1MP
Main control chip: dedicated main control 24-bit DSP
Magnification: 100X
Photo, Video: Support
Auxiliary light source: White LE light source
Static Resolution: 1280*720 Image Resolution: 1280*720 Optical Zoom: Manual Zoom
Digital Zoom: Support 5X
Supported system: for Android 4.0 or above, for IOS 8.0 or above Built-in battery type: lithium-ion battery Battery Capacity: 1400mAh Charging time: 6 hours
Working time: 5 hours Charging Power Source: Micro USB (5V DC)
Color of product: Silver
Package List:
1 x Scalp Detector
1 x USB charger
Safety Instructions and Precautions:
1. Do not disassemble this product yourself to avoid electrostatic breakdown of precision chips 2. Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol to clean the product 3. Do not touch the lens with your fingers to avoid scratches and dirt on the appearance 4. When using outdoors, avoid high temperature and high humidity to avoid short circuiting electronic equipment. This product is not waterproof, please avoid rain and water.
5. If foreign objects, water or liquid accidentally enter the product, please disconnect the USB cable first and send it to the repair center for overhaul. Don't treat it yourself.
6. The measurement accuracy of the device is an offensive indication, and disputes due to measurement error have nothing to do with this product